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This year’s Easter Mini Sessions take place at my studio. I love the clean way of high key photography. My setup is simple and playful. These mini sessions for little children are done very fast and playful. The kids love to play and they don’t like to pose in front of the camera. Therefore, I love doing them this way. They are having fun playing with the Easter decoration and get treats for being so fun to watch. Children are so important. Every age and every new stage should be captured and documented. Like that we can always remember and look back at these times. 

I’ve been capturing Julias boys now for over a year and they have changed so much. Julia is a mom who wants to create these memories and loves hanging her photos in their house to remember. The kids quickly forget about the session but when they see their pictures hanging, they remember that this was so much fun. These are unpayable memories. Thank you Julia for being such a big fan of my photography. Samuel and Jonathan are beautiful boys and they are growing so fast. Their grandparents and family in Germany will be so happy about these little memories as they can’t be here with your family and don’t see them growing.

It is so important to share photos with family in friends, especially when they are living far away.