Time to say goodbye to beautiful White Sands National Monument / Photo Sessions by Karina Schuh Photography

I will never forget White Sands National Monument. It ist he most magical and peaceful place that I know. So much beauty. Many people that live around Alamogordo, NM want me to shoot their sessions at White Sands. As there is a lot of military here in the area, people are moving a lot, stay for a few years and will be deployed somewhere else. To remember this stunning place, many families booked their sessions out at White Sands with me. I even booked seniors, engagement couples and families from other States of the U. S. who were drawn by the beauty of White Sands.

Some weeks, I booked four sessions out there and I got never tired of it. Of course, taking photos out there is not as easy as it seems because the sun is very bright and the white sand reflects it even more. To get the right skin color, I try to be careful with the direction of the sun that skin tones look nice and even. There is no shadow to work with and when you have people with no hair in front of you, it makes it even harder. An overcast day would be perfect out there to achieve the perfect colors.

But everybody has so much fun out there, in the biggest sand box of the world. And everybody is happy and enjoyes the magic. Jumping, running around, digging, sliding, all these things are possible for all kinds of ages.

My time here in Alamogordo is over. Since my husband has been deployed here at Holloman Airforce Base since 2009, we have had the possibility to get to know Alamogordo and surroundings as well as the U.S while traveling. Now, we are moving back to Germany and a new chapter in our lives will begin. We will never forget the time here in Alamogordo with its kind people and the sunshine. 

The following photos show a German family that moved to Alamogordo, just last year. They come from the Baltic Sea and love the beaches so much that White Sands created the perfect environment for them. Look, these pictures tell their story.

Planning a wedding is a wonderful adventure | Country Weddings in the US and Germany | Wedding Photography by Karina Schuh Photography

Planning a wedding is a wonderful adventure, but can also be stressful, and you already know why. The details are too important for the day that has to be the best of your life, and you can’t afford to overlook anything. The best way to start your planning is by picking a theme. A recent trend across America and Europe has been country-themed weddings. If that’s the route you also want to take, you can narrow the most important factors to consider in three main categories.

First off, to create the best atmosphere for a rustic wedding, choosing the right venue is critical. Don’t be surprised if many venues are booked 12-18 months in advance. You may not be able to book your dream venue, but that shouldn’t discourage you. Given the popularity of this theme, there are more options than ever! When people think “rustic wedding”, it’s common to think of holding it in a barn. But in recent years, people have been moving to outdoor venues. Many couples choose to have their rustic wedding by a pond or river. You can encourage that same country feel in a beautiful outdoor location just as you would in a barn. Ultimately, what makes a wedding rustic isn’t just the setting, but the people and eventually their outfits, too.

When it comes to outfit, nothing says country weddings more than a pair of cowgirl boots for the bride and cowboy boots for the groom. Cowboy boots aren’t just a part of the outfit. They also celebrate the tradition of another era and the genuine values that these couples embody. Stylists and photographers usually recommend that the entire wedding party wears them to have consistency in the pictures. It’s not by chance that the historic leather brand King Ranch Saddle Shop, that has been selling traditional cowboy boots for decades, has recently noticed an increasing demand from engaged couples and wedding parties in general. Speaking of the outfit, suspenders and bow ties are another must for the men, while lace dresses are ideal for that rustic-feel for the ladies.

Lastly, let’s talk about decor. Here is where the fun comes in, because it’s your opportunity to be creative and make the details a remarkable moment for you and your loved ones. Using wild flowers in your bouquets and centerpieces is a nice way to add color to the rustic atmosphere. In addition, think about the chair and look for something that’s comfortable, but doesn’t compromise the theme. The more creative you are, the more spots you will have for fun pictures with your guests. A fun idea is always to place some hay barrels around your the tables!

Are you ready to start planning the best day of your life? Have fun!

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Easter 2017 | Easter Mini Session at my Studio | Children Photography in Alamogordo, NM by Karina Schuh Photography

This year’s Easter Mini Sessions take place at my studio. I love the clean way of high key photography. My setup is simple and playful. These mini sessions for little children are done very fast and playful. The kids love to play and they don’t like to pose in front of the camera. Therefore, I love doing them this way. They are having fun playing with the Easter decoration and get treats for being so fun to watch. Children are so important. Every age and every new stage should be captured and documented. Like that we can always remember and look back at these times. 

I’ve been capturing Julias boys now for over a year and they have changed so much. Julia is a mom who wants to create these memories and loves hanging her photos in their house to remember. The kids quickly forget about the session but when they see their pictures hanging, they remember that this was so much fun. These are unpayable memories. Thank you Julia for being such a big fan of my photography. Samuel and Jonathan are beautiful boys and they are growing so fast. Their grandparents and family in Germany will be so happy about these little memories as they can’t be here with your family and don’t see them growing.

It is so important to share photos with family in friends, especially when they are living far away. 



The Importance of Business Head Shots | Alamogordo Business Portraits created by Karina Schuh Photography

A great portrait is a hugely important part of how we present ourselves – but it doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal. Weather it is for your social media account, your website that need to stand out, your company’s portraits, or for a job application,  in the commercial climate of extreme competition, having a unique and creative headshot is essential. Your photograph will give an immediate impression of you to your customers or future business connections.

A business head shot does not take a lot of time but the more time you invest, the better the selection of your photos to choose from. For some people it is very important to get their make-up and hair done before and for others it is not that important. Depending on how you feel best, we are creating the best atmosphere to make you look the best. Business Portraits can be done in the studio. There is a selection of different backdrops. They can also be done outdoors, called environmental head shots, and they can also be done at your work place in your everyday environment. There are a lot of options depending on your needs.

When considering clothing options, texture can be terrific. Avoid baggy clothes. Avoid bright patterns. Your clothes should fit well so you don’t appear boxy. Dark colors (deep red, blue, green and black) usually work the best, but sometimes bright colors can be amazing (see some of my work). Choose colors that bring out your eyes (if you have blue eyes, look for nice grey/blue shirts as well as pure blue). Generally, keep the shirts darker than your skin tone (though white and cream tones, especially for women, can be gorgeous).

For men, layering is wonderful- a blazer and collar shirt, for example, or a t-shirt and light fall jacket. Also, thermals, crew necks and v-necks are fantastic!

For women, layering can work as well, but it’s usually a good idea to keep it simple. Sheer material is very nice, and spaghetti strap tank tops, scoop necks and v-necks are wonderful. Make sure to keep your neckline open. By the way, any of these rules can be broken to great effect. Bring whatever makes you feel attractive, even if it is contradicting everything I just wrote.

Take a look at my work and let me know how I can create a great photograph for you.

This is my latest work! Thank you Homeowners Financial Group Alamogordo!



Miss Rachel’s Dance Academy | Holloman Airforce Base | New Mexico | Children’s Dance Classes are very popular | by Alamogordo Photographer Karina Schuh Photography

Miss Rachel

I met Rachel at the Gym last year in the spring when she started teaching classes for bootcamp and body blast. I love her way she is talking as she is from England and talks in British English. Her workouts are very tuff but I like it a lot.

We also got together for some dinners and a friends farewell party. While talking about everything, she mentioned that she was teaching children’s dance classes. That is what is Misss Rachel’s Dance Academy is all about. Rachel teaches children from under three through the age of about 12 in dance/ballet. Rachel asked me one day to take pictures of the little dancers for their dress rehearsal mid of December. I noticed that she got very busy with ordering all these beautiful costumes and fitting them for each individual child. Last year, she taught 10 dance classes, this year, in 2017, there are even 4 more classes she is teaching. The kids love her and her classes . She is doing a wonderful job.

Mid of December, I packed all my equipment and set up a studio inside the movie theatre on HAFB, where the dress rehearsal took place. Class after class came in and got their pictures taken. In between, I got the chance to sneak and see the little dancers up on stage. Rachel, in front of the stage, jumped and danced with the little ones that they know what they are doing. It was wonderful. The time passed so quick during picture taking. These kids were very special in their costumes, the girls even got their hair and make-up done to look pretty for the photos. It took me 2 afternoons to take all the photographs of 64 children and their team pictures.

During Christmas time, it is really hard to find any assistant to help me with those pictures. When I wrote this Facebook post that I am looking for someone that can assist me during the time I am taking the dance pictures to collect the order forms and money, only one person answered. Wow. She is a mom of two girls dancing in Rachel’s classes. I met Katharina when I had set up my photo booth. She arrived with her two children and during the big daughter did all her dances, the little one was so brave and stayed with us. Katharina helped me and did a wonderful job. Thank you so much Katharina, without your help I would never have done that job like we did it together. Katharina even came the second day and asked me to help. It was so amazing that she helped me without knowing me before.

Thank you Rachel for this wonderful opportunity. I had so much fun and the pictures turned out great.

This is a little selection of some of the photos we have taken:

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Nick’s & Davinia’s Engagemtent Session at White Sands National Monument | on December 02nd, 2016 | by Alamogordo based photographer Karina Schuh Photography

Davinia & Nick

I am very excited for this young couple from Maryland who are getting married on June 28th, 2017. This new year will be so exciting for those two that found their destiny and want to change the world together and want to prevent poverty through education. Davinia is a global citizen because she believes no matter where in the world we are, we are all connected and she wants everyone in the world to have an opportunity for a greater life. Global citizen aim to end global poverty by 203o and she does her part through education.

I have asked Davinia how she wants to safe the world and she answered:

„I was born in the beautiful island of Jamaica. Education offered me my freedom. The freedom to live life on my terms and the opportunity to dream beyond my wildest dreams. I am the first one out of my family to graduate from high school and college. I immigrated to the US 12 years ago. For the past three years I have been using pennies to educate girls in developing countries. Why pennies? People are skeptical about donating which is understandable. Furthermore, pennies aren’t valued and it’s said to say but this is how girls are viewed worldwide. This reality is quite heartbreaking. Girls are valuable! Girls are worth it! There are currently over 62 million of girls not in schools and I refuse to stand aside and accept this. To change this, I have committed my life helping to give girls the opportunity of an education from the pennies I collect. I educate girls through Girl Rising. I collected over 700,000 pennies and have sent over 128 girls to school. The goal is to educate girls single where no matter their geographical location. Education is a basic human right no one should be deprived of!!!“

Davinia is getting married to Nick and her mother who died about a year ago will hold her hands over this beautiful couple. Davinia loved her mom a lot and talks about her as if she were there. Her mom believed that this love will be a great one even when Davinia did not think about being together with Nick at that time. 

I, as a photographer, feel very privileged that this couple from Maryland has chosen me as there engagement photographer. Thank you so much! I loved every minute of your session and the photos turned out wonderful. 

I wish you, Nick and Davinia, all the BEST for your exciting future together. 

An 80th Birthday and Celebrating Thanksgiving | A Family Reunion in Bent, NM | captured by Karina Schuh Photography

NancyThis is Nancy. Nancy was looking for a photographer that would take pictures of her family reunion on Thanksgiving 2016. Thirty one years ago, Ed and Nancy moved from Chicago to a beautiful ranch in Bent, NM where they still take care of many horses. It is a beautiful place out there. She found me by asking people at her church if they knew a good photographer. They didn’t but did a research and this church family recommended me, Karina Schuh Photography, to Nancy.

Nancy called. Her voice was full of energy and she explained that her two daughters and her son will be here with all her ten grandkids + partners to celebrate Nancy’s birthday at the same time. She expected twenty two family members to stay at the ranch. I offered Nancy to meet that I can get an impression where she wants to get the photos taken. So, I went to Bent and visited this beautiful place with many trees, grass, a little stream that runs through their property, and a beautiful little house. Ed and Nancy have shown me their property and explained everything to me and also what she wants her photos to look like. I made suggestions and explained my point of view. We wanted to include their property and the surrounding mountains and were hoping to have some fall colors for Thanksgiving.  When I left, I already felt very good. I liked Ed and Nancy from the very beginning and she told me later that she felt the same. We stayed in contact and I came back another time before the big family reunion when we talked about what to serve to the family during the whole week and which restaurant might be good for deliveries etc.

When I came home that day, I talked about that to my husband, Michael. Without big thinking, he said he would cook a German dinner for these twenty two people. Nancy got very excited about that and discussed that with her family. They got excited, too. My husband marinated the meat for a ‘German Sauerbraten’ that he wanted to prepare for the birthday party.

On Thanksgiving, I brought Michael with me to be my photo assistant as I knew the property is very large and with so many people I just wanted to be on the safe side concerning lighting and equipment etc. The big family was getting ready, everywhere, in this little house were people. We took the truck to bring my equipment to the first location for pictures at the ranch. All people were in a good mood, shared stories and laughters. I started doing my job and posed the family for their photos. Randy, Nancy’s son was very helpful and pulled out a picture list where he created groups and told them who would be in the photo and who would not be in the photo. That helped me tremendously. Michael took care of my lighting, and the horses tried to get to my equipment on the back of the truck ;-). It was wonderful, the weather was gorgeous, the people were happy, everybody had fun.

After finishing the sessions, we explained them the dinner for the next day. They decided to celebrate Nancy’s 80th birthday on Friday, November 25th. They invited us to have dinner with them. Arriving at home, I uploaded the photos from the day. They turned out amazing. The lighting was perfect and the location was stunning. I became excited to show them the next day.

On Friday, Michael prepared the ‘Sauerbraten’, red cabbage, and together we formed many dumplings. We loaded up our car and drove over to Bent where the family just came together after a big hike in the mountains. I connected my laptop to their big TV screen, and together, we went through my first selection of the photos. It was wonderful to see the reactions on their faces. That is a moment that I never want to miss anymore, when you get together after a photo session and your customers see the photos for the very first time. As there were so many different groups, it made it hard to decide for the best photos. We decided to do that later. Before dinner, all family members and Michael and me, hold hands in a big circle. Nancy’s youngest daughter started to thank for the come together and thanked her brother and sister for being there for each other, and that all the family members can be proud of themselves and what they have achieved in their lives. I was very impressed and also got tears in my eyes. We have never seen/heard something like that in our family. This family is just very close together. And we are so thankful that we were invited to Nancy’s special day. We had a wonderful dinner and everybody enjoyed the German food and the German beer. 

Thank you Nancy for inviting us to your family. We will never forget this very special photo session with you and your family. We really felt like a part of your family. 

Check out some of the photos of this session! 

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A variety of Christmas-Sessions 2016 | Families | Children | Maternity | different locations in the area Alamogordo, New Mexico by Karina Schuh Photography

For a photographer, the Christmas-Season starts early, right after the summer. I am always happy when people think of creating their Christmas Pictures during a session or book early enough to get their Christmas cards ordered. And, can you imagine, my Christmas family session was done at the beginning of July by my very good friend and great photographer, Tina from Tina Beltran Photography. Me as a photographer never think of getting my pictures taken until I am so busy with all the other sessions before Christmas, and then it is too late. Our Christmas cards were printed already in August. 

Check some of the cards out that I created for my customers this year! 

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This year’s Christmas photos were taken on different locations in the area of Alamogordo, NM. I had a few sessions up in Cloudcroft, NM where also our session took place. I love the mountains in this area. The forest near Cloudcroft provides the perfect location for a beautiful family session. The kids can climb on the fallen trees and stomps, run around in a nice cool air. It is just a relief and very relaxing up there. Another location that I love a lot is the backyard of very nice people. It feels like an oasis there. They allow me to use their property to create beautiful memories. There are also many nice trees, lots of grass, swings, just gorgeous. White Sands National Monument is the most common location for a family shooting especially the white sand almost looks like snow. People bring their sleds and Christmas decoration out there and are having a nice time between the beautiful dunes. Kids can run around and have a great time. It is just spectacular out there. A nice studio session is also a great choice for a session. With different backdrops you can create the atmosphere the customers want. Especially when the weather is not nice or there is a family with babies, this is the perfect location for the photo shoot. 

All these locations and more can be used for any kind of photo-session, maternity, children, families, senior, engagement … 

Unfortunately, I am fully booked before Christmas. But if you are looking for a photo-session in January and February, please feel free to contact me and you will receive 10 % off for your session. Just tell me that you have read my blogpost! Check out one of my family photo shoots over on Shutterfly’s Christmas photo ideas!

And here are some examples of my Christmas-Photo-Sessions from 2016:

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A very special Christmas-Family-Session | Baking with the kids | A documentary Family-Session | Family-Photography in Alamogordo, New Mexico

Documentary Photography Sessions are a different kind of Family-Sessions. They usually take place at your home. At home, your children feel safe and you can catch the smiles and laughters of them much easier.  The photos are not posed, I just catch the individual moments. Documentary photography works for families with little kids until the age of maybe 8 years. You can play with your kids their favorite games, cook together, or go outdoors where they can jump, ride their bikes, and run through the sprinklers,  etc. Bedtime stories are also a great way to document family-time, play in the bathtub, read them a story, and cuddle each other.

In my latest family-documentary-session, I was looking for something unusual to create their Christmas cards. As it is very common to make Christmas cookies, we decided to document the Christmas baking.

So, I arrived at Melanie’s and Jens‘ house. The dough was ready to roll. We placed Lara and Lena on the island in their kitchen that they can easily reach the dough. Lara, the oder daughter jumped right into it and had to taste the cookie dough, then started to make their first cookies. While doing that, she discovered how to play while making cookies. The sprinkles were thrown through the air onto the dough and she just had fun. Lena first had to get used to this situation but after awhile she started to do what her sister was doing and the fun began. At the beginning, they ‚only‘ threw the sprinkles through the air and tried a few of them to eat, but then they discovered the flour. The cookies looked great and they had to get more done. They threw the flour through the air and had so much fun. Melanie and Jens first had fun watching the mess but then quickly realized they would have to clean the whole kitchen. Look at these two girls then you know they had fun making Christmas cookies. They got the flour all over and when we had to finish both needed a shower very bad.

I really had fun watching this family during that time even my camera got flower all over ;-). The cookies are delicious. The only problem they have now, these children will never ever make Christmas cookies without creating a mess in the kitchen.

Are you looking for an unusual family-photo-session? Go with a documentary family-session. Together, we are creating these special moments that you will never forget.

Contact me & book your documentary photo-session now and get your Christmas cards for free! 

(575) 415-5593


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