Eine entspannte Studio Session

Besondere Bewerbungsfotos in Koblenz

Michael kam in mein Studio und sagte mir, er würde auf Bildern immer schlecht aussehen. Ich meinte, ich würde ihm das Gegenteil beweisen. Und so war es dann auch. Er war total begeistert von seinen Bildern. Ich wünsche ihm für seine Jobsuche alles erdenklich Gute.

The Head Shot / Business Photography in Alamogordo, NM by Karina Schuh

Professional business portraits are ideal for everything from business cards, over annual reports, to professional looking resume pictures for your next job application.

Business Portraits-3Professional business portraits are perfect for adding a personal touch to your website, for your marketing, and advertising, your social networking, or your professional emails. No matter where you are in your career, Karina Schuh Photography will help you to step up the ladder – with professional portraits!
Business Portraits-4-2

In business, the image is often the difference between making the sale and missing the opportunity. I provide you with professional quality business portraits that bring your image and your brand into focus and moves your customers closer to your brand. Karina Schuh Photography will create an impression of you that draws the attention of the viewer! I also provide Visa- and Passport-photo-service, individually sized for German and American Passport, to government standards!Business Portraits-3-2