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Planning a wedding is a wonderful adventure, but can also be stressful, and you already know why. The details are too important for the day that has to be the best of your life, and you can’t afford to overlook anything. The best way to start your planning is by picking a theme. A recent trend across America and Europe has been country-themed weddings. If that’s the route you also want to take, you can narrow the most important factors to consider in three main categories.

First off, to create the best atmosphere for a rustic wedding, choosing the right venue is critical. Don’t be surprised if many venues are booked 12-18 months in advance. You may not be able to book your dream venue, but that shouldn’t discourage you. Given the popularity of this theme, there are more options than ever! When people think “rustic wedding”, it’s common to think of holding it in a barn. But in recent years, people have been moving to outdoor venues. Many couples choose to have their rustic wedding by a pond or river. You can encourage that same country feel in a beautiful outdoor location just as you would in a barn. Ultimately, what makes a wedding rustic isn’t just the setting, but the people and eventually their outfits, too.

When it comes to outfit, nothing says country weddings more than a pair of cowgirl boots for the bride and cowboy boots for the groom. Cowboy boots aren’t just a part of the outfit. They also celebrate the tradition of another era and the genuine values that these couples embody. Stylists and photographers usually recommend that the entire wedding party wears them to have consistency in the pictures. It’s not by chance that the historic leather brand King Ranch Saddle Shop, that has been selling traditional cowboy boots for decades, has recently noticed an increasing demand from engaged couples and wedding parties in general. Speaking of the outfit, suspenders and bow ties are another must for the men, while lace dresses are ideal for that rustic-feel for the ladies.

Lastly, let’s talk about decor. Here is where the fun comes in, because it’s your opportunity to be creative and make the details a remarkable moment for you and your loved ones. Using wild flowers in your bouquets and centerpieces is a nice way to add color to the rustic atmosphere. In addition, think about the chair and look for something that’s comfortable, but doesn’t compromise the theme. The more creative you are, the more spots you will have for fun pictures with your guests. A fun idea is always to place some hay barrels around your the tables!

Are you ready to start planning the best day of your life? Have fun!

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