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Summer 2016 | Travel Photography by Karina Schuh Photography | New Mexico Photographer | Alamogordo

After getting back from a big trip, I want to share some impressions of our summer vacation. But before, I need to tell you that I always enjoy our travel time in the U. S. That gives me a nice break in between the busy days at home running my photo studio. Landscape and travel photography has always been very special to me as I love the nature and I love doing photography different in a technical way, something that you can’t do in portrait photography. For landscape photography I like to do long exposure or HDR photography to bring out more details in the photograph and intensify the beauty of the scenery. As the Unites States is very big and there is so much to see, this year we wanted to discover a little part in the east of the U.S. Not only nature, also city and special places let me use my camera.

For this year’s trip we made around 4.700 miles on the road including visiting. Check out the whole trip here:

The first stop was Dallas, TX, where we have met some friends from Imaging USA, Steve and Jacqueline, who invited us to a very nice Mexican restaurant in a beautiful atmosphere. In Dallas, we stayed for two nights. So, we had time to visit the area a little bit. As you can see the images, we went to the ATT stadium which was unfortunately closed for a tour but we took a tour at the Texas Rangers Stadium which is just next to this beautiful stadium. 

Texas Rangers Baseball Stadium

ATT Stadium Dallas

ATT Stadium Dallas


From Dallas we drove about 800 miles to Atlanta where we stayed 3 nights. In Atlante, I just enjoyed being a tourist and took images with my iPhone. We visited the Coca Cola Museum and of course the Aquarium with all the beautiful fishes and creatures. Our goal was to see the East Coast of the United States. So, we booked a cabin on the amazing KOA Cape Hatteras. We enjoyed every second on this campground as it is situated between the Atlantic ocean and the seashore, and it has a great pool and clean bathrooms.

Lighthouse Cape HatterasLighthouse Cape HatterasTravel 2016-4Sunset Seashore Cape Hatteras


From the Outer Banks, our trip lead us over Charlotte to Cherokee, NC to another amazing KOA campground which somebody on the beach had recommended to us. We always try to stay in the nature. On campgrounds, the good thing is, you can cook your own meal, meet your neighbors and talk to so many different people. And you are in the nature and close to National Parks. Cherokee, NC is one of the main entrances to the Great Smokey Mountains National Park which I always wanted to visit. Even we were on vacation, sometimes, just to see even more of the beauty, you have to get up early. So, the very first day on this campground, we got up at 5.30 a.m. to drive up all the way to Clingmans Dome to see the sunrise over the mountains. It was very dark and the road was winding but we arrived on time to see a beautiful sunrise. It was very quiet and peaceful up on the top of the mountains with breathtaking views over the clouds. On our way back to the campground we even saw a herd of elks eating peacefully on the side of the road.

I took some more images of the mountains during our 3 night stay and enjoyed the beautiful nature up there. Right at the campground there is a river where you can float down the river for 1.5 or 3 hours, so relaxing. There is even a waterfall right behind the campground.

Sunrise at Clingmans Dome, Great Smokey MountainsSunrise at Clingmans Dome, Great Smokey Mountains

Sunrise at Clingmans Dome, Great Smokey Mountains

Sunrise at Clingmans Dome, Great Smokey Mountains

Sunrise at Clingmans Dome, Great Smokey Mountains

Elks in the Smokey Mountains

Mingo Falls, Great Smokey Mountains National Park

Mingo Falls, Great Smokey Mountains National Park

Great Smokey Mountains National Park

From the Great Smokey Mountains National Park, we drove back visiting Nashville, TN and Oklahoma City, two amazing and beautiful cities that we have very much enjoyed.

This vacation was not only traveling as we always travelled long distances (mostly more than 600 miles a day), a full day to get to stay longer on our favorite places, and I can say, it was very relaxing like that.

Travel Photography for me means enjoying the beauty of the nature. I always bring my tripod and filters to achieve the most quality photos.

I hope you enjoyed my little vacation blog post. Now, I am back to portraiture and also enjoy this. I have wonderful customers that make my life amazing! I love <3 my job as a photographer.

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