Boudoir Photography

Beautiful images for beautiful women

I love creating beautiful images of women, weather it is a maternity session, a beauty session, or boudoir photography. Each and every woman should get their pictures taken at different ages. Keeping those memories and looking back at them is amazing. I have been shooting boudoir since 2013 when I just started out in my business. I see improvement in my posing and images every year and I am learning and taking workshops for posing and lighting to create these breathtaking photographs.

Boudoir photography is very special and privat and I totally understand that. During a session you have to feel comfortable and beautiful, you should be yourself even if it’s hard to pose in front of the camera. Therefore, I am giving directions, I talk to you to make you feel comfortable, and we are having fun during this time. You will never forget such an experience. There is no age limit for these sessions!

Why you don’t need to loos weight for your Boudoir Session

Many women tell me “I would love to do a boudoir session but I am feeling too fat” or “I have to workout harder, then I can do a boudoir session”, BUT NO – you can be yourself. You should not loose weight or workout harder for your oudoir session. As a photographer, I have learned how to pose you to hide certain body parts or curves that you don’t like on yourself. Therefore, we are meeting before the session. During this chat, we are talking about you, you tell me what you like, what you don’t like, what you think your partner loves on you, etc. You are doing this session first of all for yourself even when you use these beautiful images as a gift for your partner.

Until now, every woman told me after a session, that they really felt very comfortable with me as a photographer. They love their images even they did not expect to look so beautiful.

Understanding your customers

In January 2016, I took a Boudoir workshop at Imaging USA with Kay Eskridge The first thing she told us was, that as a Boudoir photographer you should do your own session to understand what your clients feel in front of the camera. So, I did.

That said, after all the experience as a boudoir photographer, after coming back from Imaging USA, I decided to make my own boudoir experience in front of the camera. I thought that would not be a big deal. Ha, ha. I contacted a good friend, personnel trainer and great photographer, Sarah Whittier Kotter, and got an appointment for my own session for April 12th. There was enough time to think about it and as the time flew by and the appointment got closer, I got more and more nervous and even thought I have to cancel the session as I did not feel pretty enough for a boudoir session. But I stayed strong and did not cancel it ;-).

My own Boudoir Session

I wanted to feel pretty for that day, so I went and got my nails done, eyebrows waxed, and in the morning of the appointment I got my hair and make-up done. A good friend even brought me some beautiful earrings in my favorite color, turquoise. I arrived at 11 a.m., it was raining and I tried not to think of being nervous. But I was and tried to hide it. I met Sarah, and she was really nice and I felt very comfortable with her. She directed me through the session, told me which outfit to choose, how to pose, change my look etc. She really did great on me.

A week later, she came to my house to bring me the CD. She became nervous when I asked her to look at the pictures together, as she knows that I am an experienced photographer. I was very nervous and did not know if I even want to see them. I expected the pictures to be bad because I am not a sexy person and I am not a romantic woman, that was also a reason why I felt a little wrong in the situation. So, we were both nervous when we opened the photographs.

When I saw them I felt very relieved because I loved them. Sarah did a great job selecting the ones that she edited for me. Beautiful work! Thank you so much Sarah for this amazing experience in front of the camera. I will always remember that day and hope to do another session in a few years.

Surprise to my husband

I did not show the images to my husband right away as he did not know that I did a Boudoir Session ;-). So, I ordered a book for him and an album. When these arrived, I have shown the images to him beautifully presented. He was speechless and got tears in his eyes because he loved them. He did not at all expect from me that I would do a Boudoir Session and give it to him as a present. Thank you so much Sarah!!!


Every woman walks away from her boudoir experience with something completely different. My boudoir experience is a constant reminder to let go of unreasonable expectations. To realize that these expectations are NOT important. WHO I AM, is what is important.

I am happy. I love my job and I love to help you feel beautiful. I love being me!

If you think you can’t do a boudoir session … YOU CAN! If you think you are not beautiful – YOU ARE! – Look at me – I DID IT, so you can do it!

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