It’s been exactly one year that I took Jamison’s first pictures when he was born. I was the birth photographer when Katie delivered Jamison. I will never forget this exciting and happy day.

Today, I was invited to Jamison’s first birthday party. I am so honored that I was part of it. Especially, during the birth of little Jamison, I got to know the parents of Katie and Jacqujamisone as we spent the night together in the waiting room at Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center, GCRMC. After one year, I met them all again for this amazing event.

This feels like being part of their family.

Jamison did not change much during his first year, he is just a big boy now. Wow. I even got to hold him.

Many friends and children were invited and all together had so much fun eating pizza, watching Jamison how he smashed the cake, and also after that when the kids had fun on the water playground.