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Andy & Jayne | Beautiful colors in Cloudcroft, New Mexico | Family Photography by Karina Schuh Photography

Andy & Jayne celebrated 50 years of love this year, in 2016! Can you imagine 50 years being married and they have never got their pictures taken. Jayne has shown me a few images of their wedding in 1966 but there are not many and during all these years when their kids grew up until now no family pictures.

Now, with their 50th anniversary, their grown up children were asking for photographs of Andy and Jayne, so, I got the chance of creating their memories.

When Jayne booked their session, I offered to come and check out their property in High Rolls because that’s what their children remember from growing up. We met and very quick I understood that Jayne loves the nature and it’s beautiful colors as much as I do. And we looked for a way to include it in this session. The fall colors worked great for us and we thought of including a beautiful sunset into their session.

The day of the session, we decided to meet at the Trestle Trail in Cloudcroft, New Mexico to take some of their photos. From there, we went down to the trestle and back to their house. So, we did three different locations. And I love all the pictures of them. Even Andy enjoyed the photo session a lot. I had so much fun during their photo shoot. Unfortunately, it was very cloudy, so we decided to not wait for the sunset over the Tularosa Basin that you see from their deck of the house.

After I arrived at home, I started uploading these beautiful photos. Suddenly, I saw the light changing outside my office. I went out on the street and what I saw was so beautiful but in the same time made me so sad that I did not stay with Andy and Jayne. There was this beautiful sunset and the clouds were just breathtaking. I had to take a picture and just went out on the street to catch it. So sorry for Jayne.

Anyways, we had a great session with lots of fun and we enjoyed each location and loved all the fall colors. These are amazing memories that their family will treasure forever!

It is still beautiful outside – Book your Fall Session now!

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