It’s been exactly one year that I took Jamison’s first pictures when he was born. I was the birth photographer when Katie delivered Jamison. I will never forget this exciting and happy day.

Today, I was invited to Jamison’s first birthday party. I am so honored that I was part of it. Especially, during the birth of little Jamison, I got to know the parents of Katie and Jacqujamisone as we spent the night together in the waiting room at Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center, GCRMC. After one year, I met them all again for this amazing event.

This feels like being part of their family.

Jamison did not change much during his first year, he is just a big boy now. Wow. I even got to hold him.

Many friends and children were invited and all together had so much fun eating pizza, watching Jamison how he smashed the cake, and also after that when the kids had fun on the water playground.


I met Steven and Alysia at the birth preparation class in August at Gerald Champion Regional Hospital in Alamogordo. After seeing my presentation for my birth photography, this couple decided to hire me as their birth photographer.

We met another time to discuss the details, I answered questions and talked about other birth stories. From this time on, we stayed in close contact and Alysia sent me updates from her doctors visits. On September, 10th, Alysia’s water broke about at lunch time. Right away, they went to the hospital to make sure that she is in good hands.

I received my updates about contractions and dilation status while I still had a family session up in Cloudcroft and planned on going to the annual German Airforce Oktoberfest at Holloman Airforce Base. After my family session, I decided to go to the Oktoberfest and still got my updates. At 9 p.m. I left as Alysia was already 6 cm dilated. I arrived at the GCRMC at about 9.45 p.m.

Little Amelia did not have any rush. She took her time. I was sitting in a corner in the room with Alysia and Steven. Steven held hands with Alysia all the time. He really took good care of her. The nurses checked her from time to time and after midnight they started to say that the baby should arrive as the water has been broken for over 12 hours now.

It still took till 3.45 a.m. until Amelia was born. During the delivery, unfortunately, the little girl got stuck with her shoulder behind a bone and Alysia did not have enough power and energy anymore to move her forward. The team at Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center did all what they could do to birth the baby. Amelia was born and this team made sure that mom and baby got their best medical inspection as possible.

Alysia is a very strong mom and did a wonderful job by giving birth to Amelia. Both, Steven and Alysia are the happiest parents in the world.

I am still looking back and get tears in my eyes, tears of happiness, tears of helplessness, tears of love!

A birth of a child is a very natural situation and therefore it is the best story a photographer can ever tell.

Thank you so much, Steven & Alysia that I was part of your birth story. I could not be more honored.

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked if I would take family photos for a family reunion, taking place here in Alamogordo, New Mexico. I did not get many information about the family and tried to make a plan for this session.

I got this exciting job and now had to figured out where we are doing the session with so many people. I was very nervous that everything would work out. When I arrived at the location a few people were there but it did not look like a big family. They were still waiting for the rest of the family to arrive at the location. The sky started to cover with dark clouds, the sun was gone, and it looked like rain.

I quickly decided to set up my lights and adjust my camera that we can start right away taking the photos when everybody has arrived. My equipment was set up and I wanted to check the power of my flash output when I noticed that both of my sd-cards were at home in my computer as I had another session in the morning of the same day. My husband was my last chance to get it on time. I quickly called him and fortunately, he was home because it was on the weekend. I became so nervous that it would start to rain before we can even start taking the first photo. The rest of the family arrived and everybody of course had to exchange hugs and welcomes. 35 people needed to be posed and organized. I looked at them and what I saw was that each individual family was dressed in the same colors. From white, over yellow, orange, grey, black, white to blue. That was absolutely amazing to see. I just love the colors. What an amazing family. When I started to pose the families for the group pictures, my husband arrived with my sd-cards, yeah. I was so busy and even forgot about the rain that did not start. I was in my element and I have to say that I love this experience to manage to organize such a big group of people. I felt secure and did my job.

During the time I am working as a professional photographer, I often went through situations where you have to jump over your own shadow, situations where you felt uncomfortable but managed them very well and my customers were happy with my work. Huge groups of people are not that scary to me anymore. I know how to handle the situation, especially by knowing my camera and lights very well. Each situation is different and you have to get it right, there is no retry later. These people came from Canada, El Paso, Las Cruces, and Alamogordo for this family reunion. That does not happen that often that they see each other.

I loved every moment, the kids had a great time by running around, the adults had a lot of thing to talk about and I took photos of each individual family. The individual families dressed in the same colors, wow, that was even better organized than a regular family session. As you can see how mixed up this very last photo of the kids together is, you see why I always suggest wearing the same color range.

Everything worked out great and it did not start to rain. We had a great time!

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Watch my little video that I have created for you on how to prepare for a photo session.

Starting by a simple phone call, I explain all details how I am working, how to prepare for the session, and to get to know each other a little bit before our first meeting. It is also very important for me to find out your personality and what you expect from this session. Are you more the type of customer who prefers to print the photos by yourself or you prefer my professional service to get your photos just created and designed by Karina Schuh. I as a professional photographer have the knowledge to create beautiful artwork with your images when I know my customers better, even knowing their house or just the wall for what we create this piece of art helps me to design a masterpiece.

Starting with colors and sizes that will fit the room, over framing and printing methods. There are so many choices on the market that it is overwhelming for each individual client when they don’t know what options there are.

We as professional photographers have the chance to test and compare professional print labs. We go to conventions and try out new products. Therefore, we have the knowledge and know exactly what works for you.

After our telephone conversation, I can meet you at my office or your home to discuss the different options, or also in Skype. You can even send me the wall including your furniture where you want me to design the artwork.

We will discuss the location, depending on the location, we choose the colors that will work with your family and/or your room. Your wardrobe should be as comfortable for you and also your children as possible. It is also possible to change your wardrobe during the photo shooting.

I always advise to get your hair done if it needs to a few days before the shooting just that you get used to your new hair cut. If you have little children, please bring their favorite toys. We can always include toys or props into your session.

During your Photo Session, together we will have lots of fun, you will be relaxed and feel comfortable. I am a photographer that gives very precise directions what works in the picture and what does not work. I also accept wishes if you bring example photos. I don’t copy these images, we just get inspired by them. And most of the time, we are creating a totally different photo. They never look the same and often these are not your preferred photos from the session.

After your photo shooting, we are setting up a time for another meeting where I will show you a beautiful slideshow with the best images of your session. These images will already be edited after my artistic knowledge. You will love them as you have chosen me as your photographer because you like my style of images that I create.

During your reveal session, we will have a great time together with snacks, coffee or champagne and together, we will select the images to create your photo wall for your home. You can choose what you want, not what I want you to buy. All prints include the matching digital high resolution file.

As soon as your photos, books, or other products will be delivered, I will bring them and show them personally to you and your loved ones.

If you choose the digital version of my service, after the photo session, you will receive the amount of digital files ordered. There is only basic editing involved into this service.

Thank you for reading.