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Family gives you security, family gives you support, and family is your future! Therefore, I would love to create your memories and keepsakes for your family! Intimate moments between mom and child, fun with the grandparents, or similarities between father and son! The pictures of each family are unique as each family has it’s own story to tell! With pictures you will have memories of life!

My studio is a 3 appointment process, one for the session, one for the in-person order appointment and a final pick-up appointment. I feel sure this is the best way to service you at our studio. I want you to see and touch the products to appreciate the quality. My livelihood depends on this personal touch.

I guarantee, my sessions make your family feel wonderful and confident. You will be relaxed and have fun during the time of the session. The result of such a relaxed family photo session will be shown in beautiful memories in form from pictures. Your family outdoor session will be in the area of Polch (within 25 km). You can choose the location, weather at your home or somewhere you like to go. I will also give you location options if you have no special location in mind. A special location is a unique, personal way to create custom portraits. During your Session, we will create the most comfortable situation possible. You can play with your kids and/or pets. I can even take great portraits while playing!

Planning ahead a place for the images to hang is so beneficial when deciding what to wear and where to shoot. We can help with wall collection ideas, verticle and horizontal layouts and make this experience custom designed for your home. So…start brainstorming…down the hall, over the bed, up the stairs, over the couch…it’s all fair game!

After 6 years of shooting families, we do know what NOT to wear: white or pastels make everything, bellies and waists, appear larger. Don’t dress everyone in exactly the same shirt, or you will all look like you have on a uniform. Sleeve length should be the same for everyone and shoes will show only some of the time, so Dad might not want to wear white socks with his brown shoes.

Time of day and season is important for planning your family portraits. Time of day usually depends on the age of children. Season depends on if you want bright crisp images in spring and summer or warm golden tones of fall. Family Sessions can be done in the winter in our studio for a simple, clean, black and white look.

Portrait-Sessions include Families, Children, Beauty, Seniors, Maternity as well as Newborns and Babies! They can be held outdoors, at your home, or at my studio!


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