After getting back from a big trip, I want to share some impressions of our summer vacation. But before, I need to tell you that I always enjoy our travel time in the U. S. That gives me a nice break in between the busy days at home running my photo studio. Landscape and travel photography has always been very special to me as I love the nature and I love doing photography different in a technical way, something that you can’t do in portrait photography. For landscape photography I like to do long exposure or HDR photography to bring out more details in the photograph and intensify the beauty of the scenery. As the Unites States is very big and there is so much to see, this year we wanted to discover a little part in the east of the U.S. Not only nature, also city and special places let me use my camera.

For this year’s trip we made around 4.700 miles on the road including visiting. Check out the whole trip here:

The first stop was Dallas, TX, where we have met some friends from Imaging USA, Steve and Jacqueline, who invited us to a very nice Mexican restaurant in a beautiful atmosphere. In Dallas, we stayed for two nights. So, we had time to visit the area a little bit. As you can see the images, we went to the ATT stadium which was unfortunately closed for a tour but we took a tour at the Texas Rangers Stadium which is just next to this beautiful stadium. 

Texas Rangers Baseball Stadium

ATT Stadium Dallas

ATT Stadium Dallas


From Dallas we drove about 800 miles to Atlanta where we stayed 3 nights. In Atlante, I just enjoyed being a tourist and took images with my iPhone. We visited the Coca Cola Museum and of course the Aquarium with all the beautiful fishes and creatures. Our goal was to see the East Coast of the United States. So, we booked a cabin on the amazing KOA Cape Hatteras. We enjoyed every second on this campground as it is situated between the Atlantic ocean and the seashore, and it has a great pool and clean bathrooms.

Lighthouse Cape HatterasLighthouse Cape HatterasTravel 2016-4Sunset Seashore Cape Hatteras


From the Outer Banks, our trip lead us over Charlotte to Cherokee, NC to another amazing KOA campground which somebody on the beach had recommended to us. We always try to stay in the nature. On campgrounds, the good thing is, you can cook your own meal, meet your neighbors and talk to so many different people. And you are in the nature and close to National Parks. Cherokee, NC is one of the main entrances to the Great Smokey Mountains National Park which I always wanted to visit. Even we were on vacation, sometimes, just to see even more of the beauty, you have to get up early. So, the very first day on this campground, we got up at 5.30 a.m. to drive up all the way to Clingmans Dome to see the sunrise over the mountains. It was very dark and the road was winding but we arrived on time to see a beautiful sunrise. It was very quiet and peaceful up on the top of the mountains with breathtaking views over the clouds. On our way back to the campground we even saw a herd of elks eating peacefully on the side of the road.

I took some more images of the mountains during our 3 night stay and enjoyed the beautiful nature up there. Right at the campground there is a river where you can float down the river for 1.5 or 3 hours, so relaxing. There is even a waterfall right behind the campground.

Sunrise at Clingmans Dome, Great Smokey MountainsSunrise at Clingmans Dome, Great Smokey Mountains

Sunrise at Clingmans Dome, Great Smokey Mountains

Sunrise at Clingmans Dome, Great Smokey Mountains

Sunrise at Clingmans Dome, Great Smokey Mountains

Elks in the Smokey Mountains

Mingo Falls, Great Smokey Mountains National Park

Mingo Falls, Great Smokey Mountains National Park

Great Smokey Mountains National Park

From the Great Smokey Mountains National Park, we drove back visiting Nashville, TN and Oklahoma City, two amazing and beautiful cities that we have very much enjoyed.

This vacation was not only traveling as we always travelled long distances (mostly more than 600 miles a day), a full day to get to stay longer on our favorite places, and I can say, it was very relaxing like that.

Travel Photography for me means enjoying the beauty of the nature. I always bring my tripod and filters to achieve the most quality photos.

I hope you enjoyed my little vacation blog post. Now, I am back to portraiture and also enjoy this. I have wonderful customers that make my life amazing! I love <3 my job as a photographer.

What is your favorite location in the Area of Alamogordo, New Mexico for family photography. With little children especially, I always try to go shoot at locations in the area where the kids will have fun running around and discover the area.
With this special family, I just had my third photo session with me. It is very special to me that I am able to create their memories and see how the kids are growing up. Thank you so much.The locations that we have chosen for these family-sessions are fun for little children. There are endless possibilities to keep them active and curious. Whether playing in the sand or sliding down the dunes at White Sands National Monument, or climbing trees, running around in the grass, playing with the chickens, or having fun in the water, here in Alamogordo, you find these different locations. Alamogordo, don’t only offer desert, there are mountains, little streams, beautiful yards, and playgrounds, where each session can be different. And the good thing here is, most of the time it is sunny.

I had my first session with Bea and her family in May 2015. In April this year, we decided to do a family session at White Sands. We had to reschedule their session and still got so much wind. White Sands not always works for photo sessions. It was very windy, we tried to enjoy this beautiful place but it was really hard to stay focused and create their photographs. The sun was shining harsh from the blue sky, Peter had many problems to keep his eyes open because of the brightness with the sun and the white sand. After this experience, Bea did not give up for her family photos. So, we decided to wait a little while until the windy season is over. On a beautiful day beginning of June, we decided to go up the mountains where we could find beautiful greenery and a little stream. It was such a big difference to see the family relaxed and having fun, not squeezing their eyes.

Every location is different, the dessert New Mexico’s has also beautiful scenery to offer.

Book your session with Karina Schuh Photography and together, you and me, we are creating your memories of this area!

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Mastin's birthWhen we first met to talk about documenting her next birth, Tabitha told me that she would have a fast birth as her four children were born the same way. She was prepared to deliver at the hospital but knew that it would be a challenge to make it there on time. Her luggage was packed, and there were more bags for all of her three children. They would have to go to the hospital, too. I knew, Tabitha as a doula would have loved to deliver at home which would have been more comfortable for the whole family but she was not able to find a midwife to control the delivery.

I met Liz from Otero Birth (Please check out her website and Facebook) on May 19th, Tabitha’s due date, at the Plateau Espresso in Alamogordo. Liz Derry is an experienced midwife and just moved to Alamogordo a week before. We talked about deliveries and her work, I shared my experience as a birth photographer with her before I told her about Tabitha and her family. Liz was open and offered her service as a midwife. So, Tabitha and Liz got in touch. There was no time left to make big plans.

On May 24th, at 7.15 a.m., Tabitha called me and said that she had been having contractions off and on since midnight already and she said that the baby would be delivered probably during the next two hours. That was my signal. I sent my son to school and went on base, HAFB, to Tabitha’s house. I took the first photo there at 7.49 a.m.

Tabitha got strong contractions, Liz who also arrived a few minutes earlier than me, helped her massaging the contractions away. Everything was installed for a homebirth. The bathtub was filling with warm water.

The kids just got up and were already excited to watch TV and play with their tablets.

Liz checked on Tabitha, temperature, contractions, etc. She worked very quiet and professionally.

Next contractions arrived and Tabitha told us she wanted to sit on the toilet. That was the sign for Liz that the baby wanted to arrive. Quickly, Liz got her huge bag and took out everything she needed for a sudden delivery. All of us helped getting everything in place.

When I arrived at this tiny little bathroom, Tabitha was not able to get up by herself from the toilet. Her husband had to move her to the floor. There was no time. On all fours, she pushed a few times, and baby Maxtin arrived in this world. I only then realized that all of us were squeezed into a tiny bathroom, Liz and I were in the doorway, the corridor was very tight, too. Tabitha’s husband was sitting on the toilet seat to help his wife during the delivery. And sometimes the other children squeezed in behind us asking questions, only kids would ask.

Liz managed to get the newborn towards the front of the mom and the dad. These were the happiest moments for everybody of us before Tabitha took Maxtin into her arms.

Boom, at 8.06 a.m., May 24th, Maxtin Andrew Ryan, 8.3 lbs and 21.5 inches long was delivered very quickly.

All of us including mom were super surprised about this speedy birth.

The bathtub that was supposed to be used for the delivery was not yet filled up with water, even after delivery. The children came to see their mom and the baby and could not believe that they got a new little brother that fast. The family came together to touch and cuddle on little Maxtin. Liz did her last exams on mom and the baby and then we left this happy family of now six by themselves, getting to know little Maxtin.

Once again I want to thank you Family Ryan for choosing me as your birth photographer, I am honored to create these beautiful memories and being part of this amazing birth story.

I also thank Liz for the wonderful work together. She gave me the right signs to capture the most important images during the birth.

My passion is not only photography, my passion in photography even grows every time I attend a birth and create these families’ birth stories.

Mom has written her own detailed birth story that I want to share here with you. Please check it out. There are amazing photographs and very detailed information:

I am absolutely in love with this In Studio Maternity Portrait Photography Session!

This mama could not be any more stunning! I felt so lucky to be able to capture her maternity portraits and these brief and beautiful moments.

Angelina and her family are waiting for their little baby girl. Only a few more weeks, and they will be a family of five, one big boy and two little sisters. I can’t wait to meet this baby girl that will for sure get the beauty of her mom. I could not be happier for them and all the joy that is about to unfold in their lives.–Y9eI

[ngg_images source=“galleries“ container_ids=“1″ display_type=“photocrati-nextgen_basic_thumbnails“ override_thumbnail_settings=“0″ thumbnail_width=“240″ thumbnail_height=“160″ thumbnail_crop=“1″ images_per_page=“20″ number_of_columns=“0″ ajax_pagination=“0″ show_all_in_lightbox=“0″ use_imagebrowser_effect=“0″ show_slideshow_link=“1″ slideshow_link_text=“[Show slideshow]“ slug=“Maternity-Studio-Photography“ order_by=“sortorder“ order_direction=“ASC“ returns=“included“ maximum_entity_count=“500″]

Finally, it is the end of the spring season. During the last few months, I had to reschedule many family sessions due to the bad weather. Especially, the wind gave my clients a hard time but one time we also got rain.

Last Tuesday, the weather was perfect during the whole day. Mica booked her family session for 6 pm in High Rolls. When I drove up the mountains, the sky became darker and darker with a huge cloud. When I arrived there, the son was already gone … Too bad, it was too late to reschedule their session. But we got the best out of the bad weather.

I saw their beautiful green yard with many cherrie trees that were full with red cherries. I wanted to taste them. That looked beautiful. I set up my equipment, I knew I had to handle quickly before the rain starts, so I did. I started to take the first photos in front of the trees and tried to find a different place to pose the whole family of 9. We run towards the fountain that is in their backyard to get everybody sitting. Walking there, I even got to pick a sweet cherrie. I would have loved to pick some more, so delicious. I also saw their beautiful backyard that every photographer would wish for as a location for a family photo shooting.[singlepic id=268 w= h= float=none]

After taking a few photos at the fountain, it started to rain, to poor … I did not want to stop taking their images as we just had started. I quickly asked for a patio, and yes, there was a patio where we all run over to. The rain got stronger and stronger. It poured down that I also could not allow my photo equipment become wet. We had to stay underneath the patio and finish up the session there. But we all had a lot of fun and the photos turned out really nice.[singlepic id=266 w= h= float=none]

If you book your session and you see upfront the weather would be bad, as a photographer, I don’t have a problem to reschedule your session. I am open to everything. It is probably often best to reschedule than not to say anything, especially when it is windy, women often have long hair that would fly around and in their faces, for babies it would not be good at all to have them in the wind. Even when you think the weather is too hot, especially when you book White Sands National Monument, it would be better to find a better time for the session. Please talk to me and I will do my best to find the perfect appointment for your family.

[singlepic id=267 w= h= float=none]

[singlepic id=265 w= h= float=none]


Grandma Sandra from Texas contacted me a few days before baby Sandy has arrived into this world to book a family session. Sandra lives in Texas and would visit her family here in Alamogordo during the Memorial Day Weekend. It was hard to schedule her session as my family planned to be in Phoenix for this weekend. But Sandra arrived early so we could plan for May 26th.

Part of this photo session would be her mom as great grandma, her daughter and her daughter as well as her son, her daughter in law with her two girls and of course baby Sandy. She asked me to do some individual images from the newborn and family pictures. The plan was to take the family outdoors for a session in the area of Alamogordo, New Mexico.

Sandra sent me updates about the birth and we planned the session, decided for the location etc. I have to say that I was already booked that day as I had to take pictures of the graduation rehearsal at Alamogordo Tiger High School. So, we decided for the afternoon. To win more time, I asked her daughter in law Skyla to come and see me with the baby a couple of days before. [singlepic id=261 w= h= float=none]I met Skyla and Sandy two days before the family session and to take Sandys Newborn photos. Sandy was very excited and did not want to sleep at all. As I prefer natural looking newborn photos we decided to go with them. [singlepic id=260 w= h= float=right]

Grandma Sandra arrived in Alamogordo on May 25th, the family session was still planned for May 26th in the afternoon. Unfortunately, one family member would be missing, her son as he had to work that day. On May 26th, the weather in Alamogordo was really windy, too windy for a newborn. Even for the family it would not have been comfortable in the wind, especially most of  the girls have long hair that would fly around in the wind. Too bad that I was not able to offer them an alternative appointment for the session. I talked to Sandra to find a solution and offered her my studio.

Sandra talked to the others and spontaneously they decided to go for the studio. I was so glad to be able to offer my studio where I can also create wonderful family photos. Look by yourself. The result is beautiful. I love the images. And also look at their wardrobe. They arrived well prepared all in pink.

[singlepic id=256 w= h= float=none]

Sandra and her family was wonderful to work with. I am happy to be able to create wonderful images and memories for them that they will never forget and can show to their kids and grandkids when they grow up.

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I love creating beautiful images of women, weather it is a maternity session, a beauty session, or boudoir photography. Each and every woman should get her pictures taken at different ages. Keeping those memories and looking back at them is amazing. I have been shooting boudoir since 2013 when I just started out in my business. I see improvement in my posing and images every year and I am learning and taking workshops for posing and lighting to create these breathtaking photographs.

Boudoir photography is very special and privat and I totally understand that. During a session you have to feel comfortable and beautiful, you should be yourself even if is hard to pose in front of the camera. Therefore, I am giving directions, I talk to you to make you feel comfortable, and we are having fun during this time. You will never forget such an experience. There is no age limit for these sessions!

Many women tell me „I would love to do a boudoir session but I am feeling too fat“ or „I have to workout harder, than I can do a boudoir session“, BUT NO – you have to be yourself. You should not loose weight or workout harder for your boudoir session. As a photographer, I have learned how to pose you to hide certain body parts or curves that you don’t like on yourself. Therefore, we are meeting before the session. During this chat, we are talking about you, you tell me what you like, what you don’t like, what you think your partner loves on you, etc. You are doing this session first of all for yourself even when you use these beautiful images as a gift for your partner.

Until now, every woman told me after a session, that they really felt very comfortable with me as a photographer. They love their images even they did not expect to look so beautiful.

I felt as a boudoir photographer, to understand your customers and create beautiful memories for them, I should make the experience in front of the camera, just to understand my customers even better!

So, that said, after all the experience as a boudoir photographer, in January 2016, I decided to make my own boudoir experience in front of the camera. I thought that would not be a big deal. Ha, ha. I contacted a good friend, personnel trainer and great photographer, Sarah Whittier Kotter, and got an appointment for my own session for April 12th. There was enough time to think about it and as the time flew by and the appointment got closer, I got more and more nervous and even thought I have to cancel the session as I did not feel pretty enough for a boudoir session. But I stayed strong and did not cancel it ;-).

I wanted to feel pretty for that day, so I went and got my nails done, eyebrows waxed, and in the morning of the appointment I got my hair and make-up done. A good friend even brought me some beautiful earrings in my favorite color, turquoise. I arrived at 11 a.m., it was raining and I tried not to think of being nervous. But I was and tried to hide it. I met Sarah, and she was really nice and I felt very comfortable with her. She directed me through the session, told me which outfit to choose, how to pose, change my look etc. She really did great on me.

A week later, she came to my house to bring me the CD. She became nervous when I asked her to look at the pictures together, as she knows that I am an experienced photographer. I was very nervous and did not know if I even want to see them. I expected the pictures to be bad because I am not a sexy person and I am not a romantic woman, that was also a reason why I felt a little wrong in the situation. So, we were both nervous when we opened the photographs.

When I saw them I felt very relieved because I loved them. Sarah did a great job selecting the ones that she edited for me. Beautiful work! Thank you so much Sarah for this amazing experience in front of the camera. I will always remember that day and hope to do another session in a few years.

I did not show the images to my husband right away as he did not know that I did a Boudoir Session ;-). So, I ordered a mini-book for him and an album. When these arrived, I have shown the images to him  beautifully presented in an album. He was speechless and got tears in his eyes because he loved them. Thank you so much Sarah!!!

Every woman walks away from her boudoir experience with something completely different. My boudoir experience is a constant reminder to let go of unreasonable expectations. To realize that these expectations are NOT important. WHO I AM, is what is important.

I am happy. I love my job and I love to help you feel beautiful. I love being me!

If you think you can’t do a boudoir session … YOU CAN! If you think you are not beautiful – YOU ARE! – Look at me – I DID IT, so you can do it!

check it out here: 




Jayden was exactly 3 years old when I was honored to create these amazing memories of a family who will return to Germany soon as their tour of duty with the German Airforce is over this year. This beautiful family of three had so much fun playing cowboys during a photo shooting. Outdoor Sessions are great for families with little kids as they run around and discover their environment and want to try out everything. Jayden did not want to stay very long on one place which is totally fine. He enjoyed absolutely the swings, the wheel, climbing on the fence, playing on a trailer, or posing in front of the old car. He was just in his element. These photos came out great and they will have these keepsakes forever and will always remember their time in Alamogordo, NM.

I wish this family a great start in Germany and nice memories of the desert!

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Professional business portraits are ideal for everything from business cards, over annual reports, to professional looking resume pictures for your next job application.

Business Portraits-3Professional business portraits are perfect for adding a personal touch to your website, for your marketing, and advertising, your social networking, or your professional emails. No matter where you are in your career, Karina Schuh Photography will help you to step up the ladder – with professional portraits!
Business Portraits-4-2

In business, the image is often the difference between making the sale and missing the opportunity. I provide you with professional quality business portraits that bring your image and your brand into focus and moves your customers closer to your brand. Karina Schuh Photography will create an impression of you that draws the attention of the viewer! I also provide Visa- and Passport-photo-service, individually sized for German and American Passport, to government standards!Business Portraits-3-2

There are many reasons why women would want to do Boudoir-Photography. Very common I hear that they want to give their partner a gift for a special occasion in beautiful photographs. boudoir-2-2But most of the time, this is the reason why they are doing it, now they got the courage to do it. They have always wanted to have those images but never did because of that missing courage. Many women don’t always like their own body, or they did not go to the gym but want to loose weight before the shooting. I can totally understand this. I think, any age and body is beautiful and it is absolutely amazing to have those images for the future. You should take pictures when you feel comfortable, even when you are a little curvy, let’s stand out and be who you are!

BoudoirFor Boudoir-Photography it is important that you get a little confidence in me. So before the session, we are sitting together and I find out your personality, what wardrobe you love, what kind of make-up, etc.  I give you advices how to choose your outfits and we are going through every detail.

So, when a woman decides to talk to me about Boudoir-Images, I encourage them and show them the possibilities. There is no reason to show more from your body than you want to. Boudoir-Sessions can be held outdoors which I love, especially here in the area, White Sands National Monument, or a waterfall is pretty, too, or they can be held in the privacy of your own home where you feel amazing because it is your own privacy. I provide some outfits and accessories for you to use for your session. Boudoir

Many people are worried about being uncomfortable in front of the camera. I try to make you as comfortable as possible. I talk to you, tell you exactly which pose is working for you and which pose does not work. I show you exactly what you should do and adjust your body until we find these beautiful poses that fit your body. boudoir-3-2We will always start in your comfy wardrobe to get used to the camera and me. While the photo-shoot, we always want to make sure to use your most liked wardrobe. Be sure not to use oily creams or lotions!

Did I tell you that I love photographing women? I want you to feel happy, confident, and gorgeous! I promise you will have a great time during a photo-session with me.

Please make sure to check out my Boudoir-Gallery! 


So, if you are looking for a Boudoir-Photographer in the area of Alamogordo, NM, I am the one you want to contact!